Zip for Legal

Ensure legal is always in the loop, without slowing down your business

Automatically loop in legal based on the nature of the purchase request. No need to be the gatekeeper or manually loop in missing stakeholders. Connect Zip to your CLM or approve directly within.

Easier workflow coordination with finance, data security, IT, and other teams

Zip provides one place for teams to collaborate on vendor approvals. Start the redlining process early and get automatically alerted when all internal stakeholders have approved, and the contract is ready for execution.

Works closely with your existing CLM, if you have one

Zip integrates with most major CLMs, including Ironclad, Concord, and others. Automatically trigger a workflow or approval in your CLM, and the status syncs back. You never have to log into Zip if you use a CLM. If you don't, Zip supports lightweight version controls and contract execution.

Built-in version controls and contract execution via DocuSign or HelloSign

Zip supports version controls and integrates into DocuSign and HelloSign for contract execution. When you're ready, indicate the final version and send to internal and external parties for execution. Once the contract is finalized, it's automatically stored in Zip and/or synced to your contract repository.

Suk @ Zapier

Easily coordinate purchase approvals across
data security, legal, IT, finance, and procurement in one place. We integrate directly with your accounting, contract management, and IT systems.

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