Configurable approval chains built for collaboration

Automatically loop in the right stakeholders at the right time for each purchase request. Parallel-track vendor approvals to speed up your process when it makes sense. Prevent a contract from being sent for execution before finance has approved, or easily configure IT and security to approve a request in parallel.

One place for teams to collaborate on vendor approvals

Easily track the progress of each vendor approval across legal, IT, finance, and security. Zip connects to most task management and ticketing systems, including JIRA, ServiceNow, Zendesk, and others, as well as leading CLMs like Ironclad, and major GRC solutions.

Change workflows as needed, without help from IT

Zip is incredibly flexible, extensible, and easy to configure without writing or editing a single line of code. No complicated IT implementation. We empower procurement and other key stakeholders to adapt and change workflows themselves, whenever needed.

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