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Introducing a new era for enterprise procurement from Zip
Zip Updates

Zip Updates

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Introducing a new era for enterprise procurement from Zip

At Zip, our commitment has always been to serve the enterprise sector. 

From our founding, we designed our platform to be a cornerstone of the enterprise software stack, with a mission to accelerate the pace of innovation across businesses worldwide. Zip has now established partnerships with over 350 customers, including more than 50 major publicly-listed corporations, with more signing on every day. Our journey has been striking—since the start of 2023, we’ve nearly doubled our customer base, and have delivered a remarkable $4.4 billion in savings for the companies we support.

Yet, as our enterprise partners also evolve, so too do their demands for scalable, globally compliant, and seamlessly orchestrated procurement solutions to help take their own businesses to the next level.

We’ve been listening. Zip is proud to share that today we are launching new enterprise-grade functionality within our core platform that enables businesses to stay compliant, scale effortlessly, and integrate in their preferred way.

Zip Premier: Purpose-built for the Enterprise

Today we are introducing Zip Premier, ushering in a new era for Zip’s Intake and Orchestration Platform by providing a powerhouse of advanced functionality and tools tailored for the enterprise. 

Zip Premier builds upon our goal to set the new standard for procurement. Crafted specifically for organizations navigating the complexities of scale—including public companies, pre-IPO firms, and those in highly regulated sectors—the suite of features included in Zip Premier are designed to meet and exceed the evolving requirements of global finance and procurement.

New features for the Enterprise:

  • Increase control with new customizable permissions: As companies scale, so do the granular customizations required to flexibly do business. Tailor workflows and permissions across nearly every surface area with Zip, to ensure the right people have access to the right information in Zip. 
  • Instantly export audit-ready packages: An increasingly complex regulatory landscape requires companies to be ever-more nimble when meeting compliance standards. Zip now allows for instantly accessible audit-ready export packages for immediate download and sharing.
  • Track audit trails at scale: Enterprise procurement and financial leaders need to maintain full operational visibility at all times. Zip offers comprehensive audit trails across all objects including requests, vendors, POs, bills, and more.
  • Monitor integrations with a centralized activity log: Zip’s Intake and Procurement Orchestration platform allows for cross-departmental workflows integrating the best-of-breed tools any department prefers to use. Zip now allows proactive integration monitoring and alerts for all integrations, both native and custom, in one unified view.
  • Manage users at scale with robust API capabilities: As roles and level change within the employee base, Zip allows for API-based updates for user permission groups, managerial hierarchy workflows that adjust per employee.

"Zip has transformed our procurement orchestration process into a seamless, efficient system that enhances user experience, increases transparency, and drives accountability, fundamentally changing how we engage with suppliers and accelerate innovation across Discover."

Jason Moore, Sr. Director Procurement Operations, Discover

Scale effortlessly with Orchestration Library

Growth doesn't have to be complicated. That's why we are also introducing the world’s first Orchestration Library for all Zip customers.

This comprehensive resource leverages the combined knowledge of Zip's advisory team and with insights from our 350+ customers, offering access to an extensive collection of workflow templates.

Orchestration Library templates are grounded in the best practices of leading global companies, with Zip providing over 100 pre-built workflows by the end of the year. These ready-to-use templates simplify the creation of complex purchasing workflows, allowing for effortless integration with just a single click.

For example:

  • Zip for contingent labor: Enforce operations governance, and increase visibility into contractor spend workflows.
  • Zip for renewal management: Eliminate undesigned auto-renewals, while proactively identifying risky contract term changes. Identify unnecessary spend and duplicate vendors.
  • Zip for vendor offboarding: Formally end a vendor relationship and ensure cross-functional teams are alerted, critical data is retained, and contracts are terminated in a timely manner.
  • Zip for proof-of-concepts: Streamline the process of conducting proof of concepts by looping in key stakeholders, automating vendor security reviews, and streamlining contract signing.

We’re excited to announce that Orchestration Library will be made available to all Zip customers in the coming months

These workflow templates will dramatically enhance our customer’s ability to accelerate results after implementing Zip, further simplifying the journey towards procurement perfection.

Integration Platform: Integrate your way

Integration management should never be a bottleneck to aligning teams and getting the job done. 

That's the philosophy behind our all-new native Integration Platform, designed for unmatched flexibility and speed when integrating workflows. It enables simplified yet comprehensive integrations between Zip and your entire procurement technology stack through a low-code native integration builder.

  • Quickly connect Zip to critical tools: With a simple interface and out-of-the-box support for REST/SOAP-based endpoints, adding new integration actions, triggers and branching is as simple as clicking a button.
  • Create embedded user experiences: Just like with Zip’s native connectors, Integration Platform allows you to embed custom integration tasks directly within a Zip workflow, creating a more seamless experience.
  • Automate processes compliantly: Easily track approval history and changes made to vendor and purchase data via integration in a single, exportable audit trail.

Now, every team member across all departments can work within their preferred platforms in parallel. You maintain complete control and transparency throughout the entire procurement process, from intake to pay, ensuring streamlined operations throughout every step.

With these advancements, Zip now offers the most flexible and comprehensive range of integration options for customers, from flat file to public API.

The future of Zip for Enterprise

Today’s exciting launches mark just the beginning of our journey this year at Zip. 

With the introduction of Zip Premier, Orchestration Library, and Integration Platform, companies of all sizes can look to Zip as the ultimate procurement orchestration platform to accelerate the pace of business innovation. We are committed to continuing to provide our customers with unmatched flexibility and advanced control over the procurement process, both in the enterprise and beyond.

See for yourself how Zip can drive your business forward.

Join us live: Scaling Procurement Orchestration

Please join us on April 17th as we dive deeper into how Zip’s new enterprise-ready products can bring clarity into the procurement process at scale.

In this live event, you’ll learn how:

  • Zip can accelerate time to value by streamlining workflow design and deployment with customer best practices
  • Publicly-traded and pre-IPO companies can use Zip to drive regulatory compliance and audit readiness
  • Organizations can leverage Zip’s orchestration platform to quickly connect to any cross-functional system

‘Scaling Procurement Orchestration: Introducing Zip's New Enterprise-Grade Capabilities’

📅 Date: Wednesday, April 17th

Time: 10AM PT / 12PM CT

🔉 Hosts: Allie Birge, Lead Solution Engineer at Zip, Nick Heinzmann, Head of Research at Zip, and Tracy Gao, Head of Product Marketing at Zip

Reserve your spot today!

Can’t attend live? Register anyway to receive the webinar recording and explore the world of procurement orchestration at your convenience.

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