Effortless PO adoption

Intuitive intake and consumer-grade UX drive high adoption of Zip across the business. This makes it easy to adopt POs, onboard vendors, and provide visibility to all stakeholders.

True AP automation

Eliminate manual work without sacrificing accuracy. Invoices are processed and auto-coded with AI using data from POs and prior invoices.

Accurate spend insights

Data automatically flows between objects in Zip, enabling deep reporting across the P2P workflow. High PO adoption makes forecasts more accurate.


Intelligent Workflow TemplatesIntelligent Workflow TemplatesIntelligent Workflow TemplatesIntelligent Workflow TemplatesIntelligent Workflow Templates

The Features

Automatic PO creation, no data entry required

Enable anyone across the business to submit a request in a few clicks, while capturing all of the information your AP team needs. Let the data flow downstream from intake all the way to payment and bring business users along for visibility.

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Intelligent Workflow Templates

AI-powered invoice processing

Eliminate tedious data entry without sacrificing accuracy. Zip’s AI extracts invoice details at lightning speed and auto-fills coding from the PO and prior invoices, including complex fields like tax codes and amortization schedules.

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Powerful approval workflows

Configure automated, no-code workflows with flexible conditions for invoice assignment, bill approval, and payment batch approval. Reference all stakeholders in the approval chain and dynamically route approvals using your org structure to ensure correct controls.

Intuitive punchouts and receiving

Zip’s consumer-grade experience drives adoption of punchouts and ensures receipts are submitted quickly. Leverage Zip conditions for punchout and 3-way match policies to enforce the right use cases for each workflow.

Built-in collaboration

Give business users and vendors the right visibility so they don’t ping AP. Comment on invoices to resolve blockers and decrease cycle times. Manage back-and-forth with vendors directly in Zip with a portal that’s easy for everyone to adopt





“I’m thrilled with the experience Zip Sourcing has provided. The simplicity and efficiency of communicating with vendors through the messaging center is something we didn't know we needed until we had it.”

Natasha Liso

Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procure-to-pay (P2P) process?

The P2P process encompasses all the steps of the purchasing process. Typically, the process starts with a request. After the purchase request has been approved, a purchase order will be generated and sent to the supplier, who will then deliver the product the organization is buying as well as an invoice. If the organization is satisfied that the product and the invoice align, they will approve and pay the invoice. The final, but very important step, is to accurately record the details of the transaction.

What are the key stages of the procure-to-pay process?

Procurement is a complex process, but it may help to think of it in two stages. The first stage involves raising a request and securing the necessary approvals. The second stage involves receiving the goods, matching POs, invoices, and receipts, paying the final bill, and maintaining compliant documentation and audit trails.

Who is involved in the procure-to-pay process?

A typical procure-to-pay process involves the requester, a procurement team, various approvers like finance, IT, security, or legal teams, and finally the accounts payable team, who processes and pays the supplier’s invoice.

What does procure-to-pay software do?

Procure-to-pay software optimizes the entire purchasing process from end to end by bringing all the steps into one user-friendly interface. It’s the fastest, easiest way to route a request through the necessary stages, purchase the items, and complete the payment process.

What are the benefits of procure-to-pay software?

Procure-to-pay software streamlines manual approval processes that frustrate employees and hamper productivity. Adopting a platform like Zip means that people get what they need faster, while organizations can spend their money more strategically and reduce IT, security, and legal risks.

What are the features of procure-to-pay software?

Zip’s procure-to-pay software can route requests through the proper workflows, automate PO creation, process invoices with the help of AI, route requests through the proper workflows, and efficiently process payments.

How does Zip’s procure-to-pay software help organizations manage the procurement process?

It all comes down to efficiency and collaboration. Zip’s customizable workflows loop in the right people at the right time while providing requestors with a real-time view of the process. Intelligent automation eliminates manual data entry of purchase requests, POs, and invoices. AP teams benefit from automated invoice and payment processing, and finance teams find it easier to enforce spending policies and compliance. And the organization as a whole benefits from higher spend visibility and speedy, painless procurement cycles.

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