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Save time, reduce errors, and drive better results with AI you can trust

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Save time

Zip AI guides teams through the procurement process, accelerating productivity and cycle times.

Drive results

Zip AI automates manual tasks, leading to fewer errors, more accurate data, and reduced risk.

Scale securely

Zip never trains models with customer data. You’re  in control of when and how you use Zip AI.

The Features

AI assistant

Provide dynamic guidance for requesters while freeing up your procurement team for more strategic work.

AI assistant
AI assistant

AI document extraction

Parse data from order forms, contracts, and other documents to create a comprehensive, single source of truth.

AI document extraction
AI document extraction

AI risk detection

Scan MSAs and other contracts for dozens of risks, so legal and procurement teams can focus on issues that require attention.

AI risk review
AI risk review

AI intake automation

Answer intake questions with AI extracted order form data to expedite intake and reduce errors.

AI intake automation
AI intake automation

AI vendor consolidation

Drive savings by flagging redundant requests and contracts while nudging requesters toward pre-approved vendors.

AI RFx survey generator

Automatically transform free-form text into RFx survey questions to accelerate sourcing.

AI RFx survey generator

AI you can trust

Privacy first

We follow a zero data retention policy to protect your privacy. Our models are never trained on customer data.

Full transparency

Zip’s AI features are clearly marked within the product, so you always know when you’re using AI.

Stay in control

All AI features are 100% opt in. You’re in charge of when, where and how you use them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI procurement software?

AI procurement software applies generative AI across the procurement lifecycle to guide teams through the procurement process, automate manual tasks, and help companies scale securely. Common use cases for AI procurement software include vendor consolidation, risk detection, document extraction, AI assistants, and more.

What are the benefits of AI procurement software?

Companies that use Zip’s AI procurement software benefit in several ways. First, AI saves time, leading to higher productivity and faster cycle times. Second, it drives results, reducing errors and improving data accuracy. Finally, Zip is committed to maintaining the highest data privacy standards. Zip never trains models with customer data, so customers are always in control of when and how they use Zip AI.

What types of documents can Zip AI automatically extract data from?

With Zip AI document extraction, Zip can automatically parse data from documents to create a comprehensive, single source of truth. Zip can extract data order forms, MSAs, DPAs, NDAs, SOWs, and amendments.

What specific risks can Zip AI detect in contracts and security documents?

Zip’s AI procurement solution can detect several different types of risks in contracts and security documents, including weak confidentiality protections, uncapped liability, missing data privacy commitments, automatic renewals, and more.

How does Zip AI integrate with existing workflows and systems?

Zip’s AI procurement software integrates seamlessly across our leading enterprise procurement orchestration platform. These powerful AI capabilities are embedded thoughtfully and deeply within all of Zip’s products, so all customers can harness AI to gain meaningful competitive advantages including increased performance, increased productivity, and reduced risk.

How does Zip AI ensure the accuracy, explainability, and integrity of the data extracted from documents?

Zip AI document extraction parses data from order forms, contracts and other documents, so data can be accurately stored in one central repository. Zip’s AI has been trained with open-source data, professionally generated synthetic test data, and internal documents and data owned by Zip with human labels to create robust models that ensure data extracted and used from documents is accurate, reliable, and trustworthy.