Drive employee adoption

Ensures company-wide adoption of purchasing policies and makes adopting spend controls easy for employees.

Accelerate cross-functional reviews

Streamline financial, legal, IT, and security approvals to give employees complete visibility into request progress.

Orchestrate any request

Integrate your critical tools into Zip workflows to orchestrate processes from purchase requests, renewals, and payments.


Intelligent Workflow TemplatesIntelligent Workflow TemplatesIntelligent Workflow TemplatesIntelligent Workflow TemplatesIntelligent Workflow TemplatesIntelligent Workflow Templates

The Features

Intelligent workflows and approvals

Collect the right information, every time. Zip’s intake workflows adapt questions and selections based on how requesters answer. Requests are routed to the right subteams and approvers using queues and user hierarchies.

Intelligent Workflow Templates

Real-time budget and savings visibility

Sync your budgets to Zip and give approvers visibility on what’s remaining before approving a request. Get a better understanding of the impact your team is driving by entering and tracking line-item savings for every purchase request.

Tightly integrated with your ERP and P2P

Create POs from Zip and pull data back in to show approvers AP balances, without logging into other systems. Zip connects to all major ERPs, as well as common P2P and automatically logs all transaction and supplier information using data gathered during intake.

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Effortless renewal management

Stay on top of all of your vendors and contractors, not just big contracts. Zip automatically kicks off renewal workflows ahead of deadlines, so stakeholders have ample time to make the right decisions. 

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Central contract repository

Keep your vendor agreements and records in sync. Zip's robust AI-powered document upload, storage, and search capabilities make managing vendor contracts simple, while integrated workflows simplify versioning and legal approval.

Central contract repository

Supercharged workflows with Zip’s AI assistant

Provide contextual, real-time guidance to help employees submit accurate, compliant requests and understand each step of the procurement process.

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Supercharged workflows with Zip AI





“I’m thrilled with the experience Zip Sourcing has provided. The simplicity and efficiency of communicating with vendors through the messaging center is something we didn't know we needed until we had it.”

Natasha Liso

Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

What is intake-to-procure software?

Intake-to-procure software provides a centralized interface for employees to request, approve, and collaborate on procurement processes. Common use cases for intake-to-procure software include purchase request intake, vendor onboarding, contract execution, and more.

Who is involved in the intake-to-procure software process?

Procurement processes typically involve multiple teams. A single request may need approval from finance, security, IT, and legal. With Zip’s user-friendly intake-to-procure software, you can easily set up customizable workflows so each request is routed to the right approver at the right time.

What are the steps involved in the intake-to-procure software process?

Procurement workflows can vary a bit between organizations, but it typically begins with a request to purchase something – a tool, a SaaS product, or even a consultation service. Next, the finance team will review and approve the request from a budgetary standpoint. Various teams like IT, security, and legal may also need to review the request to ensure it complies with internal policies. The final steps of the intake-to-procure process typically involve signing a contract with the vendor and finalizing the details of the purchase in order to generate an accurate purchase order. POs, invoicing, and payments are typical steps in a procure-to-pay process.

How long does the intake-to-procure software process typically take

Organizations of all sizes often struggle with disorganized and slow intake-to-procure processes, but the problem can become especially pronounced in large organizations where systems have grown in complexity. Relying on manual processes and coordinating details over Slack or email can significantly delay purchases. Customers who implement Zip’s Intake-to-Procure software have seen their cycle times fall dramatically, from days or even weeks to mere hours.

How are vendor selections made during the intake-to-procure software process?

One of the many advantages of supporting procurement processes with intake-to-procure software is that it provides early visibility for the procurement team on what an organization needs to buy. That early visibility is key – procurement teams need adequate time to research, identify, and select vendors as well as to negotiate the best pricing.

What are the benefits of using intake-to-procure software?

Intake-to-procure software replaces outdated, manual procurement processes that frustrate employees and hamper productivity. Adopting a platform like Zip means that people get what they need faster, while organizations can spend their money more strategically and reduce IT, security, and legal risks.

How does Zip’s Intake-to-Procure software help employees collaborate in the procurement process?

Zip makes it simple to build custom workflows that route requests to the right people at the right time. Requesters stay updated with a real-time view of the process that allows them to check in at any time to see the status of their request. Reviewers receive notifications when it’s time for them to weigh in, and they can approve requests or ask for more information without leaving the tools they prefer to work in.

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