Drive employee adoption

Ensures company-wide adoption of purchasing policies and makes adopting spend controls easy for employees.

Accelerate cross-functional reviews

Streamline financial, legal, IT, and security approvals to give employees complete visibility into request progress.

Orchestrate any request

Integrate your critical tools into Zip workflows to orchestrate processes from purchase requests, renewals, and payments.


Intelligent Workflow TemplatesIntelligent Workflow TemplatesIntelligent Workflow TemplatesIntelligent Workflow TemplatesIntelligent Workflow Templates

The Features

Intelligent workflows and approvals

Collect the right information, every time. Zip’s intake workflows adapt questions and selections based on how requesters answer. Requests are routed to the right subteams and approvers using queues and user hierarchies.

Intelligent Workflow Templates

Real-time budget and savings visibility

Sync your budgets to Zip and give approvers visibility on what’s remaining before approving a request. Get a better understanding of the impact your team is driving by entering and tracking line-item savings for every purchase request.

Tightly integrated with your ERP and P2P

Create POs from Zip and pull data back in to show approvers AP balances, without logging into other systems. Zip connects to all major ERPs, as well as common P2P and automatically logs all transaction and supplier information using data gathered during intake.

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Effortless renewal management

Stay on top of all of your vendors and contractors, not just big contracts. Zip automatically kicks off renewal workflows ahead of deadlines, so stakeholders have ample time to make the right decisions. 

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Central contract repository

Keep your vendor agreements and records in sync. Zip's robust document upload, storage, and search capabilities make managing vendor contracts simple, while integrated workflows simplify versioning and legal approval.





“I’m thrilled with the experience Zip Sourcing has provided. The simplicity and efficiency of communicating with vendors through the messaging center is something we didn't know we needed until we had it.”

Natasha Liso

Senior Strategic Sourcing Manager

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