Global Payments

Automate payments anywhere

Reduce manual processing delays and meet your vendor obligations wherever they’re based. Pay vendors in 140+ countries and 40+ currencies. Fund payments from 30+ countries.

Optimize processing costs

Reduce transaction and processing costs by using a wide range of payment methods. Prevent payment errors by validating and approving payment info upfront.

Full financial visibility

Collaborative workflows create payments transparency. Make it easy for finance to reconcile accounts and manage cash flow, whether your company has one subsidiary or 50.

Global Payments

The Features

Automate payment processes globally

Easily collect vendor payment details in 140+ countries and 40+ currencies.

Zip’s streamlined vendor portal experience applies thousands of validation rules to minimize the chance of payment errors.

Payment approval workflows, simplified

Efficiently prepare payment runs for approval and automatically loop in payment batch approvers based on subsidiary and amount.

Zip’s dynamic, no-code workflows streamline multi-level approvals so you can always make payments on time. Automatically fund payment runs with a direct debit connection to your bank.

Enterprise-grade risk controls

Maintain separation of duties with granular permissions. Track all user and payment events with detailed audit trails.

Reduce fraud with payment method approval workflows and multi-factor authentication for secure payment management.

Seamless ERP sync

Automatically post all relevant funding and transaction records in real-time to your ERP. Zip’s deep integrations support even complex, customized ERP instances.

Keep financial data up to date, no matter what happens. Reclassified transactions trigger new syncs to keep all your data updated with zero manual work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are global mass payment solutions?

A global mass payment solution enables an organization to transfer funds to a supplier located in another country or using a different currency. Unlike domestic payments, making international payments often requires several extra steps, which is where a mass payment solution can step in to streamline processes and provide significant savings.

How do global mass payment solutions work?

Zip’s solution automates global mass payments by collecting the right information from vendors, routing payments through the proper workflows, batch payment processing, and keeping detailed audit trails. Additionally, it can sync to ERPs to keep financial data up to date.

What are the benefits of using global mass payment solutions?

A global payment solution saves time and lowers costs by automating parts of the process. Additionally, it reduces the risk of errors or fraud with features like permission controls, mandatory approvals, and multi-factor authentication.

Which currencies are supported with global mass payment solutions?

Zip supports payments to vendors in 140+ countries in 40+ currencies.

How secure are global mass payment solutions?

Zip offers a secure vendor portal where you can schedule payments across the globe using your preferred payment method, including bank transfers, wires, checks, or virtual cards.

Are there integrations for global mass payment solutions?

Zip seamlessly integrates with ERPs – even highly complex and customized instances. Records update in real time, so you’ll always see the most up-to-date financial information for your organization.

How does Zip’s global mass payment solution ensure timely and secure payments?

By eliminating the manual processes involved in making global payments, Zip dramatically cuts down the time it takes to make cross-border payments. Your organization will be able to pay service providers on time, with full financial transparency and built-in security controls.

What ERP integrations does Zip’s payment solution offer?

Zip offers deep, customizable integrations for ERPs like NetSuite, Workday, and Oracle, as well as out-of-the-box integrations for dozens of critical SaaS tools like Slack and Jira.

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