Workflow engine

Shorten cycle times

Create visibility for requesters and approvers so no one holds up the process. Collect all needed approval data upfront and run cross-functional reviews in-parallel to remove bottlenecks.

Scale for complexity

Put approvals in front of the right person automatically. Route requests to the right subteams and dynamically select appropriate approvers using queues and user hierarchies.

Collaborate in one place

Manage all approval tasks through a single interface. Ditch email follow-ups for in-context commenting, while allowing approvers to make decisions in their favorite integrated tools.

Workflow engine

The Features

Intelligent workflow templates

Deploy powerful workflows for any need, whether it’s purchase requests, contractor onboarding, or NDA signature. Zip in-house procurement experts have built templates for every combination of company size and industry to ensure you ask the right questions and deliver a speedy intake experience.

Intelligent Workflow Templates

Transparent approval updates

No more black holes for requests. Once employees have submitted their requests, Zip automatically notifies them about any updates in their preferred way—in Zip, email, Slack, or Teams.

Integrated process orchestration

One layer for approval collaboration, with all your data in sync. Zip connects to all major ERPs, as well as common P2P, CLM, GRC, and task management systems. Handle custom fields and updates with ease in Zip’s no-code integration admin.

No-code workflow configuration

Change workflows without help from IT. Zip’s flexible no-code platform empowers your team to adapt workflows themselves. It’s as simple as drag and drop.

Maximize the ROI of your business spend

See why hundreds of companies from startups to the Global 2000 use Zip from intake to pay.