Spend insights

Get the earliest visibility into spend

Understand the full lifecycle of spend, starting from intake. Diagnose requirements early to unlock bigger savings opportunities.

Break cycle time records

Optimize the steps that other systems miss. Zip analyzes cycle times to slash SLAs and boost productivity, so employees and approvers can focus on their work.

Unlock new opportunities

Report on savings through easily readable dashboards. Zip consolidates transaction data so you can track realized savings from every deal and compare committed spend to budgets.

Spend insights

The Features

Real-time spend insights

A single pane of glass for spend across systems. Track all of your requests, POs, and invoices spend in Zip to analyze your spend volume and frequency. Create as many cuts as you want by department, category, vendor, or GL account.

End-to-end productivity tracking

See how to do more with the resources you have. Monitor SLAs across all approvers and optimize the full purchase and AP process, including hidden bottlenecks in the intake process.

Zip’s process metrics provide productivity tracking down to the user level and across teams.

Granular savings tracking

Enter line-item level savings records for each request, with settings on how they’re banked. Zip shows you how those savings add up and how much impact your team is driving.

Reports made simple

Save time data wrangling and keep everyone in the loop. Configure repeatable exports and schedule email delivery to the right stakeholders.

Easily import data into business intelligence tools or Excel spreadsheets to manipulate the reports to your heart’s desire.

Maximize the ROI of your business spend

See why hundreds of companies from startups to the Global 2000 use Zip from intake to pay.