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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Zip?

Zip is a Procurement Orchestration Platform that helps businesses buy goods and services with the fastest process, least risk, and greatest value.

How does Zip enable Procurement Orchestration?

Zip enables Procurement Orchestration by bringing every stage of the purchasing process onto one, flexible platform. Zip integrates with ERPs and existing business tools to provide a single source of truth for vendor information, contracts, POs, invoices, and more. Organizations get more spend visibility and employees enjoy a simple, transparent process for requesting purchases.

How does Zip help accounts payable teams automate their processes?

When an employee requests a purchase, Zip captures all the relevant information up front, saving countless hours down the line for accounts payable teams. Zip then routes the request through the appropriate approval workflow, capturing compliance information along the way. Later in the process, Zip’s AI can extract invoice data and automatically match it with the correct PO to ensure accurate, timely payments.

What is Zip Procure-to-Pay software?

Zip’s Procure-to-Pay product automates PO creation, invoice processing, and payments while acting as a single-source of truth for accounts payable teams.

What is Zip Intake-to-Pay software?

Zip’s Intake-to-Pay solution provides a single front door for any member of an organization to request a purchase. Zip routes the request through the proper procurement and AP processes, ensuring that the right stakeholders are looped in at the right time for approvals. With Zip’s transparent, no-code workflows, people can check the status of their request at any time.

How does Zip help organizations with procurement?

Zip customers, from start-ups to large enterprises, often find that using Zip immediately increases procurement process adoption. Zip offers a single front door that streamlines the experience of requesting a purchase, ensuring that procurement teams are involved early and get the information they need at the very beginning of the process.

How does Zip improve vendor management for organizations?

Zip simplifies vendor management by acting as a central repository for vendor information, contracts, and more. By organizing vendor information and surfacing the right pieces of data, Zip assists teams with contract negotiation, vendor onboarding, and vendor risk management.

How does Zip support integrations?

Zip offers out-of-the-box integrations for dozens of critical SaaS tools like Slack, Jira, and IronClad, as well as deep, customizable integrations for ERPs like NetSuite, Workday, and Oracle.

What are Zip’s spend insights and analytics capabilities?

Zip’s insights dashboards show total spend, cycle time insights, and savings recorded. Your business can use Zip to track goals, improve spend management, and measure your team's impact.

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