Vendor management

Create a single source of truth

Manage all vendor data in one system, including business information, documents, contracts, assessments, risk scores, payment methods, and vendor spend data.

Centralize vendor reviews

Give procurement, finance, legal, risk, IT, and AP teams one place to collaborate on vendor decisions. Centralize all data and documents for reviews and automatically schedule future tasks so everyone can stay on track.

Simplify data collection

Easily collect business information, contracts and documents, tax IDs, payment details, and more through an intuitive company-branded vendor portal.

Vendor management

The Features

Comprehensive vendor record

Collect and manage detailed information about each of your vendors, including business, legal, risk, and spend information.

Easily search, sort, filter, sync, and export data across vendors with Zip’s comprehensive vendor dashboard.

Intuitive vendor portal

Manage communication and documents with vendors directly with a portal that’s easy for vendors to adopt.

Zip’s intuitive user experience allows vendors to easily reply to requests, upload documents, submit payment information, and more for multiple subsidiaries on one intuitive platform.

Comprehensive vendor workflows

Never miss a deadline again. Zip’s automated risk and renewal workflows proactively collect required data from stakeholders, empowering approvers to make the best decisions while giving your team the early warning they need to maintain healthy vendor relationships.

Central contract repository

Keep your vendor agreements and records in sync. Zip's robust document upload, storage, and search capabilities make managing vendor contracts simple, while integrated workflows simplify versioning and legal approval.

Integrated risk assessments

Leave no stone unturned. Zip’s robust risk assessment workflows help you proactively monitor vendor risks. Integrate third-party risk checks, score and flag responses, tier vendors by risk, and schedule ongoing reviews.

Spend controls only work when everyone adopts them

See why hundreds of companies from startups to the Fortune 500 use Zip from intake to pay.