Intake management

Drive employee adoption

Create a single front door for every purchase. Zip’s consumer-grade experience ensures company-wide adoption of purchasing policy and makes adopting spend controls easy for employees.

Influence spend earlier

Because all requests go through Zip, you’ll get early visibility into upcoming spend before it’s finalized, giving you time to shape requirements and proactively negotiate.

Orchestrate your tech stack

Zip sits on top of your ERP or P2P and grants requesters visibility into the open POs, invoices, and payments, without needing a license to your other systems, ever.

Intake management

The Features

Dynamic workflows

Collect just the right information, every time. Zip’s intuitive intake workflows adapt questions and selections based on how requesters answer, providing policy guidance in context along the way.

Preferred vendor routing

Save time for internal teams and cut down on duplicative spending. Zip ingests and categorizes your existing vendors so it can automatically suggest current and preferred vendors to requesters.

Best-in-class templates

Make your intake category smart. Zip provides configurable pre-built templates for every combination of company size and industry to accelerate time to value and ensure you’re following best practices across all of your purchase types.

Intelligent document management

Specify which documents are required for which workflow types, from W-9s to MSAs. Ensure your approvers have everything they need to start working on a request as soon as it’s submitted.

Maximize the ROI of your business spend

See why hundreds of companies from startups to the Global 2000 use Zip from intake to pay.