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Zip AI: Procurement Intelligence that works for you
Zip Updates

Zip Updates

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Zip AI: Procurement Intelligence that works for you

Procurement is the internal growth engine of business, fueling every team that needs superior tools and services to excel.

Despite new solutions entering the market, the actual purchasing experience hasn’t really changed significantly. From startups to global enterprises, procurement can be a painful process many employees struggle with or even avoid entirely. Last year, we introduced AI-powered features to Zip to help guide the procurement process—but that was just the beginning.

Today, we’re expanding the world’s leading enterprise intake and procurement orchestration platform with even more AI-powered enhancements, addressing real-world challenges and accelerating workflows across Zip and beyond.

This is Zip AI

Our goal at Zip has always been to bring consumer-grade experiences and cutting-edge innovation to B2B spend, empowering the people behind the purchases.

After deeply analyzing the workflows embedded throughout the procurement lifecycle and speaking with dozens of customers and procurement professionals, we’ve identified the most important, impactful, and relevant use-cases where AI can actually transform the procurement process for the better.

Last year, we introduced our first round of workflow enhancing AI capabilities, including:

  • AI vendor consolidation 
  • AI RFx survey generator
  • AI risk detection

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re expanding the power of Zip AI. We’re making the power of generative AI accessible to every employee and team that touches the procurement process with three new features. See the difference for yourself with this demonstration from leading visual workspace platform, Miro:

Introducing: Zip’s AI assistant

Too many employees still struggle with untangling the complex procurement process, which can lead to confusion, frustration, and—at worst—avoidance.

Available within Zip and on Slack, Zip’s AI assistant is your dynamic procurement guide, answering questions and leading employees throughout the entire procurement process. Zip’s AI assistant is designed to enable the highest levels of compliance, streamline workflows for the procurement team, and increase time-to-action for every stakeholder along the purchasing flow.

Using Zip’s AI assistant, employees across the company can:

  • Gain immediate status insights: Zip’s AI assistant provides the status of any object, from vendors to contracts, agreements, and approvals. Need to know all open POs for the month or which renewal ends in August 2025? Zip AI has you covered.
  • Understand procurement policy: Need to buy a new product or service? Any employee can use natural language to ask where it falls within your company’s policy, get the answer, then start the process right from Zip.
  • Initiate a request: Zip AI equips every employee with real-time process guidance starting at intake. Whether it's adding a simple software license or bringing on a new freelancer, AI-guided intake routing ensures everything is requested correctly and completely.
  • Identify the right spend channels: Zip’s AI assistant routes requests to the most appropriate workflow channels, whether it’s within Zip or another solution, such as your company’s T&E tool.

With Zip’s AI assistant, procurement teams can focus on the strategic work that really drives business impact, all while every employee receives the information they need faster and more efficiently than ever before.

AI intake automation

Employees deserve a purchase request flow that is as effortless as it is powerful. And with Zip AI intake automation, intake has never been easier.

Our automated intake acceleration capability scans order forms to fill in categories like budget amount, payment terms, start and end-dates of contracts, and all other relevant information about the vendor.

With the necessary details automatically captured at intake, employees are satisfied with their completed requests, and procurement is given time back to focus on more strategic operations.

AI document extraction

Zip AI helps ensure documents and their most critical data remain in one central repository so they can be accessed and easily utilized across the entire procurement process. Zip first announced AI-powered document extraction in 2023, parsing documents for pricing details, renewal dates, and more.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re further expanding this capability to work seamlessly with NDAs, DPAs, SOWs, and amendments—extracting key data from the documents procurement, legal, and IT teams work with throughout day-to-day operations. Finally, actionable document insights incorporated into every workflow, enhancing every decision.

Accelerate the way procurement works with Zip AI

Today’s launch is just another step forward for Zip. Our products are built to set new standards for the way employees and teams experience and collaborate throughout the B2B spending process.

Our goal is to deploy AI and technology in meaningful ways that actually solve the problems of work, and enable our customers to grow and innovate at the blazing speed of business—powering smarter decisions and more efficient workflows, so teams can focus on the strategy that matters most.

Zip’s new AI capabilities will be in beta for early access customers later this summer and are expected to be widely available later this year.

For more information visit our website or sign up for our upcoming product webinar on July 17th where you can see it all in action.

10x your impact with all new Zip AI

10x your impact with all new Zip AI

At Zip, we believe Generative AI has the potential to make the procurement process faster, easier, and more efficient for every team involved.

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