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Announcing Zip and Ironclad partnership and integration
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Announcing Zip and Ironclad partnership and integration

Zip and Ironclad announced today our integration that enables our joint customers to seamlessly bring contract review and approval into their procurement workflows. We’ve known for a while that Ironclad was a leading product in contract lifecycle management. At the same time, as Zip’s customer base has grown now to over 150 organizations, we’ve continued to see legal teams as a key stakeholder.

We believe that one of the reasons why the intake-to-procure workflow is so frustrating for so many organizations, and is so hard to solve, is because it spans nearly all the back-office functions in an organization, including legal, security, IT, finance and procurement, and each of those teams has their own tools.

For smaller teams, just building great intake and approvals solves a lot of the problem of giving employees one place to start for purchase requests, and visibility into the whole process. However for organizations that have more built out teams and processes for stakeholders, such as legal, the problem doesn’t stop there.

Legal teams are going through their own transformation today, automating some of the more tedious aspects of reviewing contract clauses and redlines. To truly handle a seamless intake-to-procure process, we knew we had to empower legal teams to use the most advanced tools available, while being plugged into the procurement process at just the right time. A great integration with Ironclad also means that every user of Zip who is a stakeholder in the procurement process also gets visibility into what is happening within Ironclad.

How the Zip integration with Ironclad works

The  Zip integration with Ironclad really kicks into gear during the approval process of a Zip request. If there’s a step that requires legal to be involved, that node in the approval chain is configured to hand off the workflow to Ironclad. In the example below, someone is requesting an NDA. You can see that in the approval chain, “Send NDA via Ironclad” has been automatically added as a step in the process.

Zip will then sync over the request details to Ironclad, and allow an Ironclad user to review the request.

As the NDA request is reviewed and approved in Ironclad, the status is kept up to date in Zip.

There’s a lot more to the integration as well, which is why we built this cool demo that gives you a step by step tour of how the whole thing works!

Where we go from here - a broader partnership between Zip and Ironclad

Getting this integration live and successful with joint customers has been our primary goal to date. We’re excited for where we can go from here. Zip and Ironclad are discussing more ideas for partnership at all levels and across our teams.

Michael Denari, head of global spend and business systems at Canva, shared some thoughts on the partnership for our official press release stating, “As an early customer of both Ironclad and Zip, we are thrilled to see both organizations partnering more closely for a seamless integration across procurement workflows. Our legal team can now easily manage the contract lifecycle in Ironclad, while being pulled into the procurement process at just the right time. At the same time, employees have full visibility and other stakeholders are pulled in early for review and approval in Zip.”

Our goal will continue to be to make our joint customers as successful as possible with the world’s leading contract lifecycle management and intake-to-procure products.

For more information on how Zip can help with your intake-to-procure process, talk to one of our experts today. Or, sign up for news and information to just keep up to date on what we're doing and thinking at Zip!

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