Zip for IT and Security

Establish clear vendor procedures

Assess vendor requests with all the documentation you need. Collaborate on approvals centrally by integrating your requirements and tools into the intake-to-procure process.

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Get involved earlier

Create vendor requirements as part of Intake so you can accelerate approvals for critical requests. Prevent duplicate vendor selections and keep requests in line with your tech stack.

A single source of truth for vendors

Ensure vendor relationships start and stay compliant. Centralize all vendor data, documents, and risk assessments so you never have to chase for details.

Risk reviews on one platform

Assess vendor risk in context with colleagues and employees. Design approval workflows and queues for any IT risk depending on purchase complexity, with the automation needed to hit SLAs.

An intuitive vendor review experience

IT and security teams use Zip to expedite vendor approval processes. By starting with intake, IT and security can make purchase requests easy for employees while collecting needed risk data upfront.

Plus, when intake works, vendor management works. Collecting vendor data upstream means faster vendor approvals and better decisions at renewal. That’s why Zip provides the world’s first and only natively integrated solution for Intake-to-Procure.

Spend controls only work when everyone adopts them

See why hundreds of companies from startups to the Fortune 500 use Zip from intake to pay.