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How Snowflake achieved over $300 million in savings and brought clarity to $6.7 billion in spending with Zip


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Joe Frederick

Joe Frederick

Sr. Director, Procurement & Sourcing, Snowflake

We’re finally measuring the whole process for the first time—and the cycles within that process are faster than ever.

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The challenge

Snowflake, a worldwide leader in data cloud mobilization, faced a critical challenge as it scaled.

Procurement processes at the company became fragmented and inefficient, creating data silos across multiple tools. Managers were working autonomously, investing into an array of tools to solve their own problems, but adding layers of complexity to operations. And now, Snowflake was facing the increased scrutiny and compliance expectations that comes with being a newly public company.This fragmentation hindered their ability to move fast in the rapidly evolving tech and market landscape.

Fortunately, Snowflake found Zip.

The solution

Zip’s user-friendly procurement intake management platform immediately streamlined Snowflake’s operations, aligning fragmented systems and automating cross-functional review processes. Serving as a single door for all requests and purchase information, Zip answered Snowflake’s call to action.

"Our north star was putting all privacy, legal, security, and procurement workflows in one visualization and approval process" said Joe Frederick, Sr. Director of Procurement & Sourcing.Zip delivered Snowflake a comprehensive intake to pay platform that not only unified procurement processes but also gained enthusiastic company-wide adoption.

“All we did was send an email the day before going live and adoption took off,” said Frederick. “There was no change management needed. Zero.” Zip’s ease of use allowed Snowlake to tackle their procurement challenges head-on.

“All we did was send an email the day before going live and adoption took off. There was no change management needed. Zero.”

The result

Zip provided a comprehensive view of Snowflake's spending data, crucial for a company that drives over 3.3 billion data queries and runs more than 515 million data workloads each day. The platform’s ability to streamline approval workflows and provide clear, trackable processes was a significant leap forward for the Snowflake team.

"Zip knocks it out of the park,” Frederick remarks, “The one-page screen—the workflows that show each and every step… employees love it.”

The Zip platform is purpose-built to cut through the clutter. With streamlined approval workflows, customizable to Snowflake’s organizational hierarchies, the teams of Snowflake gained visibility into the procurement journey stage-by-stage.

All in all, it’s hard to imagine a better example of procurement transformation at scale.

As Frederick sums it up: “We’re finally measuring the whole process for the first time—and the cycles within that process are faster than ever.”

Zip provided a platform to drive more than $300 million in savings

Zip delivered real time visibility for more than $6.7 billion in total spending

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