Bynder streamlines global procurement with 10x faster compliance with Zip

Find out how one Bynder employee transformed operations and achieved a global procurement workflow that unlocked unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Nonet Muhring

Nonet Muhring

Procurement Manager,

Our overall cycle time has dropped at least 30%. With the flexible conditionality in Zip, we’re routing requests much more effectively.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

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NetSuite, Okta, Jira, Slack

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The challenge

Bynder is on a mission to help marketing teams conquer the chaos of digital assets and relationships. While in growth mode, with expanding global officers and continually growing partner programs, their lone-wolf procurement manager found herself struggling with an overly complex sourcing and procurement process.

Before Zip, Nonet Nuhring was contending with a JIRA-powered operation involving five entry points, 18 possible steps, and eight stakeholder groups, leading to inefficiencies and time-consuming manual processes.

“I was spending 75% of my time manually controlling requests through the approval chain and procurement flow instead of on high-leverage objectives that would help move the needle for our business. It was standing in the way of efficiency,” said Nuhring.

The solution

Bynder went live with Zip just 45 days after signing up, running all purchase requests for new vendors through the platform. This solution streamlined their complex procurement process, automating workflows, and integrating seamlessly with Bynder’s core technologies like NetSuite ERP and Slack.

“The team was positively surprised by how quickly and easily we implemented Zip,” said Nuhring. “I’m not an engineer, but with the assistance of Zip’s onboarding manager and team, we basically set up the entire process ourselves.”

The result

Zip’s adoption led to a remarkable 30% reduction in overall cycle time within those first 45 days. The platform centralized communication eliminated the tedious process of email and Slack search-and-response, freeing up significant time for strategic tasks.

“With the flexible conditionality in Zip, we’re routing requests much more effectively,” said Muhring. “We now have a platform that allows us to step back, assess, think strategically, and refine.”

Additionally, Zip transformed Bynder’s compliance and risk management, consolidating approval and compliance enforcement and making auditing 10x faster.

These efficiency gains, combined with Zip’s easy-to-use design, dramatically shifted the way procurement was viewed within the company, and allowed Bynder to continue to move fast and fulfill its business missions.

“I’m getting Slack messages from colleagues saying, ‘thank you for Zip!,’—and this is just the beginning.”

Zip helped Bynder reduce cycle times by 30%

Zip drove 10x faster compliance auditing

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