Kevin McKenna

Kevin McKenna

Assistant General Counsel, Reslience

Zip gives me a higher level of trust that I am getting all the information that I need from a business to negotiate the contract.

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La Jolla, CA

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Ironclad, Coupa, ProcessUnity, Okta, Slack, Smartsheets

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The challenge

Resilience is a leading biomanufacturing company transforming the ways complex medicines are made. Amidst rapid growth, the company encountered challenges in managing complex and time-consuming approval processes for essential purchases.The legal team responsible for risk management struggled with efficiently handling a high volume of contracts, all demanding swift action in a strict regulatory environment. “If you're spending time trying to figure out who needs to sign off, you're not spending your time doing actual legal work, which provides the most value to your company,” said Kevin McKenna, Assistant General Counsel at Resilience.

The solution

Zip’s user-friendly platform transformed Resilience's procurement process. It introduced an efficient intake dashboard and policy-based approval workflows, significantly enhancing employee adoption.

The Zip platform acts as a central hub—a front door for Ironclad and other business systems. This makes it easy for legal to collect the right information from users, and include the right people from the broader organization in the approval chain.

“Zip allows you to get better contracts done faster,” said McKenna, noting that Zip gave the Resilience legal teams exactly what they needed to get the legal work done within Ironclad.

The result

Implementing Zip led to substantial time savings for Resilience’s legal team.

Previously spending anywhere from 2-25 hours per contract—much of it on gathering information and chasing approvals—Zip's organization and automation reduced the time significantly. “Now, with Zip, you're spending 90% of your time doing actual legal work on the vendor contracts,” said McKenna, highlighting Zip’s impact.

Zip enabled more effective risk management and a better experience for all involved. McKenna appreciated the platform's ability to ensure necessary approvals and maintain a record of risk assessments. This resulted in faster, risk-reduced procurement and regulatory compliance.

Zip also improved internal relationships between the legal team and other departments. McKenna emphasized, “Zip allows me to provide a much better experience to my internal customers. I'm getting a lot more 'thank-yous' and a lot less, 'Where's my contract?'”

As a result, Zip streamlined Resilience’s procurement process while also enhancing legal productivity, risk management, and internal stakeholder satisfaction—crucial for the team’s cutting-edge work revolutionizing the world of biomanufacturing.

“Zip gives me a higher level of trust that I am getting all the information that I need from a business to negotiate the contract.”

Zip helped Resilience reduce risk management time by 40% per contract

Zip automated data processes, increasing time spent on legal work

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