Enable procurement to focus on strategic sourcing

No need to manually "shepherd" approvals across finance, legal, IT, and other teams. Automate vendor approval workflows and reduce cycle times. Make it incredibly easy for end-users to indicate they’d like to request a significant purchase before they’ve engaged a vendor, so that you can do what you do best: strategically source.

Reduce redundant vendors

Zip ingests and categorizes your existing vendors and automatically flags vendor overlap, from software to staffing agencies. Cut down on unnecessarily adding new vendors and increase your leverage to negotiate.

Liberate procurement from manually tracking approvals

Spend less time manually tracking approval requests across finance, security, IT, legal, and other teams, and spend less time fielding questions about status from the requester. Grant crisp visibility to all stakeholders.

Automatically create PRs and POs in your ERP or P2P

Ensure all the line-level details are correct in Zip (your custom fields are synced). With a few clicks, you can automatically create a PR or PO in your ERP or P2P.
After the PO is approved, Zip syncs back the PO details, including PO number, amount remaining, and other information. Data is synced every 15 minutes.

“After rolling out Zip across our org, our internal customer satisfaction with and understanding of procurement is at an all-time high. The procurement, privacy, legal, security and finance teams now have crisp visibility into all requests across our 7 global brands and 1,000 employees, which has allowed us to reduce risk and drive savings.”

Karen Hodson
VP of Procurement
CM Group


Under management


Cycle times reduced by 34%

Denari / Canva

Easily coordinate purchase approvals across
data security, legal, IT, finance, and procurement in one place. We integrate directly with your accounting, contract management, and IT systems.

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Control spend, save time, and assure compliance

Scale procurement
Get involved in
spend earlier and
cut costs
Reduce compliance
leakage and mitigate risk
Improve employee experience