Quickly connect your critical tools

Connect to your existing tech stack with our customer-tested, pre-built connectors. Get up and running in minutes, without a dedicated IT resource.

Work with stakeholders, not against them

Remove bottlenecks by letting approvers evaluate requests in their preferred tools. Zip’s bi-directional connectors seamlessly sync request information with downstream systems, all without sacrificing requester experience.

Scale your process without disruption

Expand and adapt your purchasing process, without disrupting employee experience. Swap out ERP connectors with ease using Zip as your fully integrated front door.


The Features

Tightly integrated with your ERP and P2P

Skip duplicate data entry and create complete financial visibility. Zip automatically logs all transaction and supplier information in your ERP or P2P using data gathered during intake.

Put the information stakeholders need at their fingertips. Pull PO and invoice data into Zip to show approvers AP balances, without logging into other systems.

Pre-built connectors to CLM, GRC, ITSM and more

Align current processes on day one. Zip connects with existing CLM, GRC, and ITSM tools, allowing approvers to work in their system of choice.

Create maximum visibility in Zip by automatically syncing approval decisions, compliantly advancing each request.

No-code configuration

Account for your unique requirements and current processes. Zip’s no-code integration configuration allows you to easily pull custom fields from your connected systems. Choose which fields you want to surface in Zip and return new data instantly.

Democratize IT with our Integration Platform

Build out new integrations on your schedule without fighting for IT resources. Zip’s custom-designed iPaaS enables non-technical team members to build and maintain integrations with any external system.

With an intuitive UI and pre-built API calls, Zip’s integration platform reduces development timelines for new integrations from months to hours.

Spend controls only work when everyone adopts them

See why hundreds of companies from startups to the Fortune 500 use Zip from intake to pay.