PO management

Painless PO Adoption

With intuitive intake, POs work. Zip’s intake-to-procure process captures essential data at the request stage, automating PO creation so employees can follow your policy without friction.

Simplify AP visibility

All the data finance needs flows seamlessly across Zip. Collect the right information in the request to automatically propagate accounting and payment data downstream.

Unlock powerful insights

Access spend and performance data that helps you control budgets. Understand your spend with line-level detail and identify actionable savings opportunities.

PO management

The Features

Capture any request,
with no training

Enable anyone across the business to easily submit a request in a few clicks, while capturing all of the accounting and payment data your AP team needs.

Zip is your orchestration layer from request to payment. Sync data across all financial systems and bring business users along for visibility.

Automatic PO creation
— no data entry required

Starting with intake automates PO creation. Configure powerful conditions to ensure the right data is captured at the very beginning, down to line item details.

Let the data flow downstream from request all the way to payment, and bring business users along for visibility.

Intuitive vendor collaboration

Manage back-and-forth with vendors directly in Zip with a portal that’s easy for everyone to adopt.

Zip’s intuitive user experience allows suppliers to easily acknowledge purchase orders, submit payment info, upload invoices, and view payment status — all in one place.

Next-level insights and reporting

Full PO policy adoption unlocks hidden insights. Analyze your requested, approved, and invoiced spend at the line-item level to identify new savings opportunities.

Compare actual spend against budgets to provide visibility to budget owners. Use PO data to automate accruals.

Maximize the ROI of your business spend

See why hundreds of companies from startups to the Global 2000 use Zip from intake to pay.