Renewal management

Proactive renewal processes

Get early warnings before any renewal. Know exactly when you need to start preparing for negotiation and who you need to loop in so everyone can contribute.

Make informed decisions

Easily collect all performance and sentiment data needed to evaluate a renewal. Give stakeholders ample time to deliberate and a single place to collaborate on a decision.

100% renewal coverage

Stay on top of all of your vendors and contractors, not just big contracts. Automatically generate renewal workflows when contracts are uploaded or requests are finalized across all purchases.

Renewal management

The Features

Automated renewal planning

Make renewals opportunities, not burdens. Zip automatically triggers renewal reminders well in advance of the deadline, so you can prepare accordingly and get stakeholders the best results.

Dynamic renewals workflows

Collect the data you need without overburdening stakeholders. Zip’s smart conditional workflows gather only the information necessary for review and dynamically add the right approvers into the renewals process.

Stakeholder collaboration

Democratize renewals so your team can evaluate them with the right inputs. Zip creates a central space for stakeholders to provide feedback and submit documentation, making it easy to stay on top of commitments and contribute to decisions.

Comprehensive renewals dashboard

Manage all renewals in one place. Zip’s renewals dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of all renewals, allowing you to make timely and informed decisions. Admins can keep track of in-flight, upcoming, completed, and canceled renewals, organized by date, spend amount, and department. 

Maximize the ROI of your business spend

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