Clutter streamlines multi-entity spend with Zip integrations

Learn how Zip empowered Clutter to find 24.5% savings, solve inefficiencies, and spend more time on the strategic opportunities that matter.

Ross Sharp

Ross Sharp

Head of Procurement, Clutter

Prior to Zip, about 85% of purchase requests that were submitted were coded and/or configured incorrectly. With Zip, this number has gone to almost 0%.

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NetSuite, Spoke, Slack

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The challenge

Clutter needed to overhaul its procurement function from the ground up. The process, initially managed by the finance department using NetSuite, was cumbersome and lacked integration with IT, security, and legal workflows.

The procurement team was spending 40% of their time manually managing intake and approval workstreams, and shepherding requests through the process across teams.

This inefficiency was compounded by a lack of visibility into purchase requests, and hindered the enforcement of their ‘No PO, No Pay’ policy—complicating compliance requirements amidst fast-paced growth.

The solution

Ross Sharp, Head of Procurement at Clutter, realized he needed to invest in technology rather than head count. Zip became his silver bullet for establishing scale, providing automation, and delivering an exceptional experience for requesters and approvers.

Zip’s intake to procure solution seamlessly integrated with Clutter’s Netsuite ERP, Okta SSO, and Slack. He was also able to get it up and running fast.

"I was able to get Zip up and running very quickly—well under the typical estimated implementation timeline of eight weeks—which solved many of my short-term problems and allowed me to move on to more strategic opportunities,” said Sharp.

The result

Introducing Zip led to significant improvements in Clutter’s procurement operations. Employees quickly embraced Zip's single workflow, gaining crystal clear visibility across finance, legal, IT, and other teams.

This new system enabled the procurement department to be more involved in the spend-approval process, driving substantial savings. By increasing PO-backed spend by 18%, Clutter can confidently implement their ‘No PO, No Pay’ policy, and by implementing one central system for intake-to-procure, audit trail concerns have diminished. 

“The less time I can spend on procurement ops work, the more time I can spend on strategic sourcing initiatives,” said Sharp. 

Clutter’s procurement process transformed from a bottleneck into a strategic asset, facilitating better collaboration with finance, marketing, and product teams, and gearing up to meet future challenges efficiently.

"The greatest benefit that I get out of using the Zip platform is peace of mind.”

Zip spend-approval optimization has increased savings by 25%

Zip has increased PO-backend spend by 18%

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