Robert Scott

Robert Scott

VP of Legal, Lattice

With Zip, we've automated every step of the process that I imagine at this point can be automated.

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Human Resources, People Success

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San Francisco, CA

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NetSuite, Okta, Slack, Jira, Whistic, Productiv, Ironclad

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The challenge

Lattice faced a pivotal challenge during a period of rapid scaling.

Their procurement process, crucial to support their growth and enhance their mission of improving work life, was marred by inefficiencies and limited scalability. The legal team struggled with a system that was not only clunky, but also lacked the necessary visibility and organization for effective decision-making.

“We needed to go with something that we could implement quickly, that was going to be effective and operational, and would scale with us as we built out and grew a procurement team,” said Robert Scott, VP of Legal at Lattice.

Lattice needed a tool that could accelerate the growth of their expanding legal, IT, and info security teams, all while offering more visibility for all key stakeholders along every step of the way.

The solution

Zip provided an organized, easy-to-use platform offering streamlined procurement management and status reports, eliminating manual overhead throughout the entire purchasing journey.

“Now that process is much simpler because everything's laid out ahead of time,” remarked Scott.

Zip's centralized ticketing system offered transparency and effective communication, allowing Lattice stakeholders to view status updates and inquire directly within the system, enhancing overall productivity and collaboration.

The result

By onboarding Zip, the team at Lattice was able to build a strong, stable, scalable system that services all of their needs. Lattice achieved greater oversight and control, leading to a more organized and efficient workflow.

“Anytime I want to look at the status of any procurement request, I can go into Zip, easily navigate to it, see where it is, who's commented on it—what's the status of the IT approval process? What's the status of the legal approval process? What's the status of the red lines?” said Scott.Zip's adaptability allowed Lattice to discover new efficiencies in areas beyond initial expectations, such as renewals and workflow customization based on various triggers.

“We were able to find efficiencies beyond what our procurement process was before,” said Scott.

Zip has become a foundational part of the Lattice company workflow, and a recipe for their strong foundation to scale gracefully and in lock-step with the rest of the organizational shifts: “If you pulled Zip away from my team today, then we'd be back to square one.”

The greatest benefit that I get out of using the Zip platform is peace of mind.”

Zip led Lattice to a 50% decrease in cycle times

Zip helped significantly increase cost visibility

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