Zip + Slack Integration

Zip is the new concierge for procurement. Increase employee adoption and get spend and risk under control. Millions in spend approvals are initiated via Zip every day, across startups and large enterprises. With the Zip app, users can initiate purchase requests from Slack. They can also receive approval notifications, reminders, comments, and approve or reject requests directly in Slack.

Setup / Configuration

How to connect the new Zip app to your Slack workspace

  1. Login to Zip
  2. Click on Settings > Company settings.
  3. On the left navigation bar, click on Integrations.
  4. Click on the Communications tab and click Slack. You should see a screen like the one below.
Slack logo card
Connect to Slack

You should see a screen like below. Click Allow. This should navigate you back to the original integrations page.

Allow Slack connection

Zip + Slack Integration Use Cases

Zip integrates with Slack for 5 key use cases:

Use case #1:

Send approval request notifications in public channels and private that bot has been added to (both as a global setting and for individual users to specify), specifically for:

Company Settings
Notification settings

Direct chat notifications: If this toggle is turned on and Slack integration is enabled, Zip will send notifications directly to individual users via Slack.

Channel notifications: If Slack integration is enabled, you can click the Channel notifications drop-down and select the channel in your Slack workspace to which Zip will post non-user specific notifications, by default. Note: private channels Zip has been added to may take up to 24 hours to appear

Slack App Notifications
Approval notificationApproval notification 2

Use case #2:

Customize Approval actions to send custom fields to the Slack notification recipient

Edit Approvals
Edit approval

Note: custom Slack channels for actions will override company settings. Private channels Zip has been added to may take up to 24 hours to appear.

Use case #3:

Customize fields sent in Slack notifications.

Customize communications

Custom fields can be added to approval notifications (including Slack) on a per-channel basis. Workflow editors can determine which of the default fields should be shown in Slack, and can add new fields using the +Add an attribute functionality. Only fields mapped to questions asked in the workflow forms can be included here.

Use case #4:

Daily sync job to update users in our system to link user in Slack to user in Zip (this enables Zip to send Slack communications to the right user).

Approval notification 3

Note that user sync is based on email address as the matching key.

Additional Considerations


On behalf of the Slack app, Zip can:

Channel Access

Channels are available from the Edit Approval screen in the workflow builder. 

Slack Behavior in Zip
Public Channels Accessible for all users from actions
Private Channels Accessible to all users once Zip Bot has been added to a channel (may take up to 24 hours to appear)

Support model

Zip integrates with communications channels like Slack for notifications. This is a global setting for the Company but individual communications may be customized based on approval actions.

Privacy policy

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