AP automation

Deliver full AP visibility

Zip’s intuitive intake experience centralizes purchasing workflows, so employees can track the status of any invoice or payment. Give finance leaders real-time visibility into the AP process.

End manual invoice processing

Intelligently scan, capture, and validate invoices with industry-leading accuracy. Zip accelerates invoice processing cycles by 50%, putting all the data finance needs at their fingertips.

Expedite invoice approvals — without risk

Automatic PO matching and best-in-class workflows relieve approval bottlenecks. Collaborate with stakeholders to ensure invoice accuracy and make payments on time.

AP automation

The Features

Capture any request,
with no training

Enable anyone across the business to easily submit a request in a few clicks, while capturing all of the accounting and payment data your AP team needs.

Zip is your orchestration layer from request to payment. Sync data across all financial systems and bring business users along for visibility.

Automated invoice processing

Extract invoice data at lighting speed with total transparency. Zip’s highly accurate OCR eliminates tedious data entry and coding for AP teams, even for complex invoices.

Dynamic invoice assignment and approval workflows

Leverage the power of Zip workflows in your AP processes. Configure automated, no-code workflows with flexible conditions. Reference all stakeholders in the approval chain and dynamically route approvals using your organization’s structure and hierarchy.

Collaborate across the business

Keep approvals moving and reduce cycle times for all employees, not just AP. Comment on invoices and tag stakeholders to ensure everyone has the context and visibility they need.

Robust, update-friendly ERP integration

Keep all of your financial records up to date. Zip’s robust integrations sync back to your ERP to ensure quick and easy reconciliation, even for complex, multi-subsidiary operations.

No-code configuration means your team can update integrations without burdening IT. If fields need to be updated, easily make changes in Zip and reflect them in your ERP.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AP automation software?

AP automation software streamlines tasks like invoice processing, approval, and payment. It allows accounts payable teams to handle these duties in a simple, user-friendly digital platform instead of with error-prone manual processes.

How does AP automation software work?

Zip’s AP automation experience starts as soon as someone requests a purchase. Zip captures all the relevant information about the request up front, saving countless hours down the line for accounts payable teams, and routes the request through the approval workflow. Later in the process, Zip’s AI extracts the invoice data and automatically matches it with the right PO to ensure accurate, timely payments.

Is AP automation worth it?

Accounts payable automation carries significant benefits and ROI – improved efficiency, clear approval processes, lower risk of errors and fraud, cost savings, flexibility, and better supplier relationships, just to name a few.

How much does AP automation software cost?

Contact our sales team for pricing information on Zip’s AP automation capabilities.

How does AP software enable better tax compliance?

One advantage of using Zip to automate AP processes is that each request has a clear and transparent audit trail. View the details, history, and approvals of any purchase at any time.

How does AP automation software impact supplier relationships?

Zip helps organizations manage vendor relationships by allowing them to pay suppliers quickly and accurately. Transparent workflows and accounts payable processes ensure you’ll always be able to keep track of invoices in real time, so there’s no need to worry about an invoice disappearing into a black hole.

How does B2B payment processing work when using AP automation software?

AP automation solutions simplify B2B payment processing by eliminating the need for AP teams to waste time on data entry, manually matching purchase orders and invoices, or hunting down missing invoice data. As a result, B2B payments can be processed faster and with a much lower risk of errors.

How does Zip extend AP automation in NetSuite?

Both NetSuite and Zip simplify and automate AP processes, but they do so in different ways.

NetSuite offers robust AP automation features like invoice capture, payment automation, and advanced reporting tools. It is often seen as a comprehensive ERP solution.

Zip is designed to be an intuitive, user-friendly interface that requires little to no training, Zip is often touted as a plug-and-play solution for companies already using an ERP system like NetSuite.

How does Zip enable enterprise AP automation?

Zip’s enterprise-grade AP automation functionality allows large businesses to process high volumes of invoices with speed and flexibility to ensure that they meet vendor obligations accurately and on time.

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